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Respect craftsmanship by innovation

HUIDA 2018-08-18

Respect craftsmanship by innovation


I respect the craftsmen who have been focusing on one product for 36 years.

I respect the national sanitary ware craftsmen who persist in expanding the international market for more than 20 years

I respect the cultural craftsmen who have inherited the centuries-old precipitation of sanitary ceramics。

I am more respectful of the brand craftsmanship designed for the new 36 years of life.

I respect Huida




With 36 years of innovation and enthusiasm, Huida has been focusing on the sanitary ware industry。

Over the past 36 years, Huida has mastered the core technology to lead the industry;  Huida adheres to the export of independent brand, becomes the benchmark of Chinese brand manufacturing and wins the world's respect by Chinese manufacturing; Huida builds an ecological circle and promotes the development of China's residential industrialization, and constantly leads the trend of China's modern sanitary ware.

Huida, designed for life. It is admired that Huida adheres to the most original originality and ingenuity for 36 years.

 Creating the Legend of Modern Sanitary Ware Brand with Innovation, Respect and Creativity

In 1914, Tangshan, known as the "Northern Pottery Capital" which produced China's first sanitary ceramics, thus Tangshan became the birthplace of China's sanitary ceramics industry. Huida Sanitary Ware was born in 1982, inherits the centuries-old accumulation of Tangshan ceramic culture and sanitary ceramics.

Toilet is a common olfactory and visual language all over the world. It judges the degree of civilization of a country, the material civilization depends on the kitchen, and the spiritual civilization depends on the toilet.

Huida, who has inherited a century of ceramic culture, has firmly believed that the quality of home life is an important element of the process of human civilization.

Over the past 36 years, Huida has not only used every sanitary ware product to help consumers cleaning, but also expressed the praise of life by the high-quality sanitary ware products, "designed for life", allowing the consumers can enjoy high-quality comfortable sanitary ware home life。


To this end, Huida has established the concept of "quality sanitary ware" since its inception, and has always regarded R&D and design capabilities as one of its core competencies.

Huida established first post-doctor workstation of the industry, and was jointly recognized as the "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center" by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation.

Huida has 176 national patents, filling a number of technical gaps in the industry, and won a number of National Science and Technology Progress Awards and the German Red Dot Award, Italy A'Design Design Award, China Red Star Design Award, China Kapok Design Award, and other international and domestic authoritative design awards.

Over the past 36 years, Huida has been leading the trend of Chinese sanitary ware industry from providing single sanitary ware to bringing comprehensive sanitary ware experience to providing consumers with a comprehensive sanitary ware solution in all directions.

Huida has been rooted in the sanitary ware industry for 36 years, and has deeply embedded the concept of "health" in the minds of consumers, making the bathroom comfortable and clean and giving consumers a comfortable and convenient enjoyment.

Strategic Upgrading: Using Intelligence to Lead Consumption Upgrading

Make the popularization of intelligent sanitary ware

Since 2015, with the increasing consumption of our country, sanitary ware products have been given multiple missions such as intelligence, environmental protection and aesthetics while meeting the basic living requirements of home. The smart sanitary ware products become fashionable homes sought after by young people which represented by smart toilets can not only be used, but also "enjoy".

 Huida Insights on the new demand characteristics of consumers for “smart”, “high quality” and “fashion” of sanitary ware products, and once again actively seeks change due to consumer demand. Huida upgraded its intelligent products quietly. The pragmatic humanized design meets the consumers' actual needs which the products are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Huida meets the new consumption needs through online and offline multichannel mode, grasps the new consumption trends, and solves the psychological needs of the audience.

In this wave of consumption upgrading driven by supply-side reform, Huida, as the leading brand of national sanitary ware, not only has gained advantages in independent research and design of intelligent sanitary ware, but also has seized the opportunities in terms of production capacity layout and industrial production。 In recent years, Huida has been promoting the production of smart sanitary ware, especially the development of Huida Rongchang Intelligent Home Industry Base and Huimi Technology, which has established Huida's leading position in the field of smart sanitary ware。

Huida's ambition is not only to provide consumers with smarter, high-quality and convenient intelligent sanitary ware products, but also popularize the intelligent sanitary ware。 Huida hopes to promote the further popularization of smart home, bring unprecedented experience to the audience, and lead the quality revolution of home life。

In the new era, Huida not only knows how to use each product to convey the praise of life, but also knows how to play fashion。 Huida has accurately targeted 80, 90 and some young people after the 00 through a variety of younger ways of communication, such as experience trips, online live broadcasts, short video marketing, etc。, In the opening habits that fit the interests of young groups, let the consumers get the product features and advantages of Huida products, get a new trait of Huida Sanitary Ware brand with young fashion and professional quality。

For 36 years,

Huida focuses on the sanitary industry, respecting craftsmanship by innovation。

For 36 years,

Huida focuses on improving the quality of home life and helping to make a good home life.

For 36 years,

Huida focuses on designing for life, adhering to the most original originality and ingenuity.

For 36 years,

Because of its focus, Huida chose to become Huida。




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